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The first steps to set up DLH were made 45 years ago as Reichhold Chemie decided on the production and distribution of leather finishing chemicals in the factory of Vienna (Austria). The decision had two main reasons:

  • First of all the development of lacquer resins was on the highest standard in Reichhold and for the newest technologies of the lacquer production were already appropriate polymerisation plants installed.
  • The second reason was the important geographical, strategical and historical position of Vienna during the times of the "iron curtain" (up to the year 1989) and its good connections with the neighbour states Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and USSR, which had developed a high standard leather industry during this period of time.

The modification of Reichhold's global strategy led to the foundation of DLH Ledertechnik GmbH in 1991, as Reichhold determined to concentrate exclusively on the production of base products for the lacquer industry.

Since that time the product group of the leather chemicals has been resumed and constantly extended by DLH - leather technique. The seat of our company is in Vienna, where a motivated staff of seven individuals manage and co-ordinate the business.

Our application-technical laboratory with modern equipment and the quality checking station is situated in Azignano (Italy). Due to the high standard of our laboratory are we able to satisfy specific requirements of customers and to develop new products.

The major production site is situated in Azignano, as well. The total number of our employees in the manufacturing, laboratory and administration departments in Italy is 28.

DLH - Ledertechnik GmbH is represented all over the world;
  • The markets of Pakistan, Korea, China, India, Portugal and Italy are represented by our special agents;
  • The markets of Poland, Hungary, GUS, Check, Slovakia, and Romania are processed directly.

Our philosophy is:

"Problem solutions and not only products are the key of customer satisfaction". That means that we offer both the background of modern laboratories and a good technical customer service.

Our broad product range includes presently about 350 products as: pigments, dye stuff solutions, acrylate and butadiene resins, PU dispersions, wax emulsions, numerous filler and auxiliaries for finishing all kind of modern leathers.